Your Life HAS Balance…Automatically

I have this wire figure in my office. It’s a person “balancing” two things. Well, they’re not really balanced but…it serves as a reminder to me to “be aware of my choices” because there is an “automatic balance” to life.

Disclaimer: This isn’t the typical perspective of how our life needs “balance” (of which I totally agree). This just happens to be something I’ve observed in my life’s journey about the natural balance of our time and energy. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the heart of the matter…

It’s all about our balance of time and energy. We are “forced” into balance because there’s a limited amount of time and energy. Let’s face it, we only have so much human energy in a day and we ALL get the allotted 24 hours.

What I mean by “automatic balance” is that: since we have a limited supply of time and energy, whenever we are saying “yes” to an activity, an attitude or a focused thought – we are saying “no” to something else.

In case I now have you thoroughly confused, I will give an example from my own life:

I say “yes” to exercising frequently. When I do that, I am saying “no” to: excess weight, an unhealthy body, and sluggish energy. But I’m also saying “no” to one of my favorite things in life…unstructured time (cue the angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus). Oh, how I would love to sit around in the morning, leisurely drinking coffee while surfing the internet. Exercising really cuts into my “doing nothing” time and I am NOT happy about that!

Since I know that it’s important to me to “do nothing” at times, I schedule it. Yes, I have scheduled “do nothing” times. Sometimes, I even take (dare I say) “do nothing” days. And because I know that I have “do nothing” times to look forward to, on my schedule, I have less of a desire to say “no” to exercise because doing nothing seems more enticing. In essence, I know that at some point soon, I will be saying “yes” to “doing nothing” and “no” to everything else. And that helps me to keep saying “yes” to exercising (even when I’d rather be “doing nothing”).

Whether it’s exercising, volunteering, having lunch with a friend or working- bringing awareness to what you are saying “yes” to and what you are saying “no” to, can really help in insuring that you are spending your time and energy on the things that are really important to you.

If you find that you are extremely busy, putting out fires and not spending your time and energy on the things that you want to do – it’s probably a good time for a “Yes/No” assessment.

Go ahead and think about one thing that you say “yes” to AND what you are saying “no” to, because of it. Let me know in the comments or you can email me privately if you prefer.

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One comment on “Your Life HAS Balance…Automatically
  1. Me too! Me too! 🙂 I say yes to exercising frequently and to spending more time with my kids especially now because its their summer vacation and I say no to giving up in every endeavor I will take in life and no to not taking vitamins everyday… gaah! But I just realized I have a lot of yes and no.. LOL .. Thanks Lori

    Keep the smiles,

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