Turn Knob to Clear Vision

Clear vision isn’t something we might think to ask for…but it’s something we definitely need (all of us). It’s needed, not only when looking at the big picture of our lives but also in the day-to-day moments and decisions that we make. I’ve found that if we have clear vision in the big picture, it will naturally, filter down into the day-to-day moments.

Some things are pretty clear in life. Such as, you will most likely eat today. Others…not so much. For example, you’ve been saying (to yourself or others) for years, that you would like to accomplish __________ (fill in the blank). But yet, many moons have come and gone and even though you might be a little closer to the end goal, it still eludes you.

If this is you, what you might need, right about now, is a clear (or a clearER) vision of what you are seeking to accomplish. You might be wishing, that it was as easy to get that clear vision as the picture in this post, makes it seem. Just put a quarter in, turn the knob and Voila!…clear vision.

Well, it’s not quite THAT easy, but it’s not all that difficult, either. Something that can help boost the clarity of your goal, tremendously, is to talk about it with another person. But not just anyone! In fact, if you choose the wrong person to talk about it with, you run the risk of having even LESS clarity. Oops!

It’s important to find someone who is able to bring certain qualities into the conversation. So, look for someone who is a great “active listener” (you know…someone who acts as a “sounding board” for YOUR ideas, without getting their OWN agenda in the way). Also, look for someone who will ask you “provocative questions” and “make observations” about how your new vision will fit within your life. This will help to add different perspectives to your goal. Something that is necessary in order to get crystal clear on your vision.

Coach’s Challenge: Even if you think you’re pretty clear on your vision, now – find someone (as described above), talk about your vision and let me know if the level of clarity you have for your vision changes.

Remember, the clearer you are about your vision – the easier it will be to finally, bring it into real life.

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