The Mental Effects of the “Stuff Around You”

When was the last time you took an assessment of “the stuff around you?” Have you  considered lately, the effect that the stuff in your “physical environment” has on your “mental environment?”

I’d like to challenge you to find the connections in your own life (because everyone is unique). Some are affected by what’s around them much more than others. Understanding where you are in this, can clarify for you, how to best arrange the physical space around you, in order to maximize your mental and emotional potential.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself. You might even consider writing your answers down.

Take notice of how you feel when your living environment is “as you would like it to be.” What about that feels different than when your physical environment is “not how you’d like it to be?” What changes do you notice in your feelings? your thinking? your attitude?

Here’s a big one: What are you “tolerating” in your environment?

Webster says that TOLERATING is “to put up with; to endure.” What are you “enduring” in your physical environment and why?

If you’re waiting for permission to STOP the enduring…here it is: I give you permission to STOP IT!

Not only that, but I CHALLENGE you to exert some control in this area. You can do that by finding something that you have been “enduring” or “tolerating” in your physical environment and take 15 minutes worth of action on it…TODAY.

Share your thoughts in a comment, below.

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