The following testimonials are from actual clients. Their full names have been withheld to protect their confidentiality, but rest assured that these are REAL people that have gone through REAL life-transforming coaching with me.

Here are some examples of what people have said about their experience:

“Before I started coaching I was a complete and total mess. But through the process, I overcame SO MUCH! So much, that it’s hard to remember everything.

I realized that I’m not a complete and total idiot (not trying to be humorous at all). I really did not think that highly of myself or the decisions I had made with my life. But coaching made me realize that I can make the right decisions, and that they can be good. In fact, I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been having a lot of really big decisions I’ve been forced to make on the spot. And I feel, truly deep down in my heart, that they were all the right decisions and best decisions for me.

My family has noticed a HUGE difference in me (appearance-wise and outlook-wise). I can’t think of any direct quotes from them, but I mean, there has been NO fighting, or negative conversations, and they’ve ALL pointed out that they’ve noticed a difference in me.

Honestly, the results I’ve received are endless (all positive). I feel like a new person, and this is no exaggeration. It’s like I’ve started a whole new life for myself. And I’m loving every second of it.

This has been one of the best things that has ever helped me in my life. I can barely describe everything it truly did for me. I really do feel like I’m finally back to my old self- maybe even a better old self! I’m happy- and that’s a really big deal to me, because I haven’t been for a long time. Thank you so much Lori for everything you’ve helped me with.”

–K.H., Arizona (Teen girl)

orange flower“Before I began the coaching experience I had struggled for years regarding the issues I addressed during coaching.  In fact, by the time I started the coaching experience I had all but given up on ever working through my challenges and was resigned to living the rest of my life with those problems.
The most important thing I realized as a result of coaching was that if I changed my perspective on any problem, I could solve it. Through the confidence I have gained by this awareness and by doing away with negative self-talk, I have truly become the confident, capable woman God has always intended me to be.
Because of my new awareness I wake every day to the promise of excitement and success. I am literally thrilled to be alive.
My future is forever changed.  I now have the tools and the mindset I need for absolute freedom. This is true, not only in the area I focused on in coaching but truly the freedom to be fully myself.  I have gained the freedom to ask for what I want and need, and expect to get it; the freedom to be myself fully in all my relationships; the freedom to try anything and not be afraid of failure; and finally the freedom to set goals that are difficult and know that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.These changes are truly nothing short of miraculous.

Overall, I think the coaching experience was one of the most beneficial experiences of my life! I always thought coaching was for weirdos and people that had too much time on their hands but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I recommend coaching for anyone who is interested in developing their full potential for their best life ever!!”
–S.C., California

“Before my coaching with Lori, I was scattered and unfocused in my professional life. I needed to work on becoming more focused on my business and appropriately handle important tasks that often fell by the wayside.  Lori helped me to integrate all my tasks and give them each the importance they required.

I have become much more adept at prioritizing my schedule and I am now much more organized and efficient in my personal life AND my professional life.

I learned how to balance home, work and personal life in a way that gave me much more time and in the process, increased my business. Lori helped me to put my life together in a cohesive way that makes everything just flow.
My efficiency  has improved considerably, by clearing up and finalizing old matters that were bogging me down. Like a truck loaded with bricks, once the bricks are out, the truck takes off.  Lori helped me to unload so many of the bricks that were bogging me down!
I have learned how to make more money while keeping my personal life in tact! When I am working at home, my family has learned to respect the importance of my time spent working – and they now understand that if I am able to have concentrated time at work, it allows more quality time with them.  And my husband likes the fact that I am contributing more financially to our household.
Since our coaching began, our company revenues have exceeded the last year’s revenues…within the first quarter of this year!Because of Lori’s coaching skills, our business has prospered more in 6 months than it had previously in the past 15 years. My partners have noticed that the efforts I have contributed increased our business revenue tremendously. 

Lori’s coaching style is respectful and understanding of the challenges we all face trying to balance our lives.  Whether she is coaching for business or personal reasons, Lori has an incredible insight into how to make things work more smoothly.  I think that because of her own vast experience in a multitude of areas, she is able to connect with people in a personal way to help them overcome the challenges they face. She is motivating and understanding of setbacks.  She helps to unblock the things that get in the way of success and encourages people to acknowledge and embrace their challenges so they may move past them and find success. Her business coaching also helped my personal life challenges as well.

Lori is the best coach I’ve ever had – I’m not letting her go!!”

–K.F., Texas

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