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Starbucks, the Man, Maya Angelou and Everyone Feels Good

A couple weeks ago, I found myself in line at Starbucks, in the middle of the afternoon. As I was daydreaming of the food in the bakery case, the man in front of me started telling me about how he

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What is Your Level of “Hope for a Compelling Future?”

Sometimes in the midst of chaos it can be difficult to imagine a future in which you see things going smoothly or dare I say, just how you would want them to be. Well, one excellent way to help pull

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The Mental Effects of the “Stuff Around You”

When was the last time you took an assessment of “the stuff around you?” Have you  considered lately, the effect that the stuff in your “physical environment” has on your “mental environment?” I’d like to challenge you to find the

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How Does a Life Coach Help You?

Clarity in Coaching

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an outside observer tell you what they see happening. When someone does this without added emotion or judgment, it usually brings eye-opening clarity to a situation that was previously clouded with our “set” way of

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