Stretched Thin on Time and Motivation

Stretched Thin on Time and MotivationQuestion: “How can I motivate myself to devote time to diet and exercise and general health when I am stretched too thin in my daily life?” —Kristen

Answer: Excellent question, Kristen! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “We all have time for what is important to us.” Well, I don’t think that’s completely accurate. I think it should be, “We all have time for ‘what we FEEL’ is important to us”.

If we aren’t doing something in our lives that we’d like to be doing, it’s usually because we’re experiencing some resistance (in our thoughts, feelings or actions) that are keeping us from moving in that direction OR we’re not completely CONNECTED to why it’s important to us.

As far as the resistance goes – I wish there was a magic sentence I could type here, to help you discover where your resistance might lie BUT resistance is as unique as our fingerprints. It’s made up of our experiences, how we perceive them and what we tell ourselves about them (self-talk).

However, getting CONNECTED to why it’s important is a bit easier. Take some time to ask yourself: Why is this important to me? What will I get out of doing this? Don’t just stop once you have the obvious answers. Take your first round of answers and drill down further and ask yourself: If I have _____, what will that do for me? What will that do for the other areas of my life? What will that do for the other people in my life?

Motivation comes from your “why”. If you discover your “why” is strong enough, finding time might still be a challenge but it won’t be an obstacle.

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4 comments on “Stretched Thin on Time and Motivation
  1. Kristen says:

    Thank you for your answer! I will ask myself these questions and try to get to the root of my obstacles that are preventing me from making time for me! You Rock!

  2. Lisa says:

    This post came at the right time. I have found myself stretched beyond and the first thing to go was making time for exercise and working on better eating habits. The interesting thing is I have found that by making time to exercise, it increases my energy and motivation to do so much more and relieves some of life’s daily pressures. Still working on how to make changes. These questions are definitely something to help find the answers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. zerodtkjoe says:

    Thanks for the info

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