Obstacles: Who Put That There?

Question: “When you believe that you are ready and there is something that you want in your life, how do you get past the obstacles that others have placed? Do you find it somewhere else? What steps do you take to move forward?” –Lisa

Answer: Without knowing your specifics, it’s a little difficult to answer that but I’ll throw some things I know about obstacles out there, and we’ll see what sticks. Okay?

Sometimes what we perceive as obstacles are really just “self-talk gone bad.” It’s usually a result of a limiting belief that we hold (which is sometimes about another person). Yeah, isn’t that interesting? Our “self-talk” is not always about ourselves!

Here are some examples of what I mean: “He always ________(fill in what you don’t like). She never ________(fill in what you would like)…and because of that I can’t get what I want in life.” While there may be a boatload of truth in the first statements, it doesn’t always have to result in you not getting what you want in life. This is real tricky to sort out alone. If this is what you are facing, I recommend talking it over with someone.

At times, there are real, immovable obstacles in the way. If this is the case, then it’s time for a “work-around.” This video illustrates it nicely. Perhaps, a brainstorming session of ways around it that haven’t been explored, is in order. Ask a friend (or a Life Coach) for input. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see a way around it, that was there all along. It usually seems like the more focused we are on our perceived obstacles, the bigger they become.

A good approach to these scenarios is to take your eyes off of the obstacles and make sure you are crystal clear on what you DO want. Write it out. State it in positive terms. This is strongly recommended, no matter what type of obstacle you’re dealing with.

If you really want to get past an obstacle, there are a lot of ways to do it (even if it seems impossible). However, I’m not discounting the fact that, on occasion, when faced with a real obstacle, it might be best for us to make a decision to go in a different direction.

Well, there it is…all thrown out there. I hope something “sticks” for you.

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  1. “Obstacles: Who Put That There? | Life Coach
    Lori” was in fact a truly wonderful blog post, . I hope you
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