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“Practice…becoming…yourself.” – Life Coach Lori

Lori Bonaparte is on a mission to help others get to the heart of their “True You” within AND learn the skills to practice living a life that has been intentionally created.

Lori has developed her expertise through her varied and sometimes, challenging life experiences. Through her life experiences Lori discovered tools which she now shares with others, so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel as they re-invent their lives. Through Lori’s challenging life experiences of: the loss of loved ones, divorce, changing the path of purposeful work, and caring for special needs children she was repeatedly faced with the question “Who am I, apart from that person/situation that is no longer here?” She now wishes for no one else to have to experience this process alone.

Many of Lori’s clients are celebrating the achievement of big goals, which they had struggled with in the past. They’re also ecstatic about having learned the necessary skills to practice living from their true selves. They find themselves much more “present” and engaged in their daily lives. Her clients are now more confident, have a greater sense of independence, and a better understanding of their own individual strengths and value. Additionally, they LOVE being themselves. They are amazed at how they were once so overwhelmed with their circumstances and consumed with meeting the needs and demands of others, yet, they now experience freedom from the bondage they once felt – regardless of whether their circumstances stay the same or change. They also discovered that once their “True You” foundation is in place, their changing life circumstances are much easier to manage. They seem to have a new found freedom and ability in creating the life they’d like to have.

She believes that each and every one of us was created with a purpose and a mission which was in us from the day we were born. Because of life circumstances or limiting beliefs we can be easily pulled off our path and it takes effort and support to get back to the heart of the “True You.” What she knows to be true is: people don’t have to live their circumstances. It is her passion to guide and support others as they go through this process. She has learned that when her clients are feeling more “fully alive” and living with purpose, there is a beautiful “ripple effect” to the people that are within their spheres of influence – being authentic always translates into being an inspiration to others. When this occurs, the “True You” experience is no longer contained to the person who directly engaged with it. It becomes a form of contagious personal development which continues to spread to others.

Additionally, Lori is the creator of the interactive, online video workshop TRUE YOU Personal Foundation, a program that will help you get un-STUCK and feeling more like yourself again, as you discover your own, unique personal foundation. 

Other items of interest:

Certified with the International Coach Federation – ACC

Professional Coach Training through Coachville

Certified “Print Survey” Coach

Member of “Experts Industry Association”

Enjoys: Learning More, Internet Surfing, Traveling, Photography, Videography, Being Active, Dogs, Betta Fish and Vintage Trailers


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