7 Steps to Revive a “Stalled” Project

It happens to all of us. It starts out as a great idea that we are so jazzed up about, and then…it just stops, stalls out, falls flat, goes nowhere. Do you have any projects that come to mind? I know, I do.

Keep in mind that not every stalled project, plan or goal is worthy of revival. Some may have been mere delightful daydreams, fun fantasies of the mind. But if you have a stalled project that is worth pursuing (you know, the kind that will add value to your life) here are 7 steps to give your old project CPR and bring it to life, once again:

Step 1. Review what’s already been done- Since this was once a “live” project, take a good look at what you’ve already done on it. Even if you haven’t taken massive action on it, you must at least have a plan, a thought or a desire. You’ve devoted some energy to it already. Take an inventory of exactly what that is.

Step 2. Get in touch with why you want it done- What is this finished project going to do for you? What will be different about your life? Will this make a difference for anyone else? How will you feel when it’s complete?

Step 3. Find the one thing that moved the project into the neutral- Take a moment to reflect on the one thing that moved this project into neutral. Did you run out of time, money or energy? Were you missing some skills, resources or support? How will you address that challenge,now?

Step 4. Forgive yourself for stalling, take a deep breath and let it go- It’s difficult to move forward if you’re spending energy beating yourself up. Forgive yourself and let it go. Life happens…move forward.

Step 5. Plan out a “road map” to get it done- Plan out what is required to get from where you are now to “finished project.” PS- This means writing it down (it’s amazing how much of the “big and scary” factor is lost, just by writing things out).

Step 6. Break it down into small steps- Take your written “road map” from step 5 and break it down into small steps that you can tackle one at a time. Write out the steps and put them on your calendar.

Step 7. Take action and get moving on your steps- Take some immediate action within 24 hours. Even if it’s a small step…get moving. Make a phone call, put your steps in your calendar (the sooner the better), tell a friend about your plan. Get moving!!!

One of the reasons I wrote this is to remind myself of the steps I need to take to revive MY stalled projects. But if you’ve been inspired to revive a stalled project, tell me about it in the comments (it helps me feel as if I’m not alone).

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4 comments on “7 Steps to Revive a “Stalled” Project
  1. Jerry says:

    Great advice! I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about a project I had started not to long ago, that ended up “stalling out” when life got in the way. This framework does a lot to help me clear my roadblocks and get back in gear again. Thanks!

    • Coach Lori says:

      Life has a habit of “getting in the way” of our plans, doesn’t it? 😉 I’m glad to hear that this might help you get things back in gear.

      I’m also very relieved to know that I’m not alone in the world with “stalled out” projects. Shortly, after writing this post, I revived (and finished) a project that (I’m embarrassed to say) I’d started years ago. I think in some ways, finishing a “stalled out” project is even more gratifying than finishing ones that are on track. After it was finished, I felt like, “If I can complete THAT (which drug on for years), I can do anything!”

      Welcome to the “Stalled Project Revival” Jerry. Please come back and keep us posted with your progress.

  2. Kristi Ling says:

    This is a post that ALL of us need! lol How many stalled projects to we all have? Great advice, thanks so much… sharing!

  3. u4fifa says:

    Leave me alone !

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