3 Simple Ways to Nurture Yourself

I’d bet that nurturing others comes easy for you. I imagine that a large amount of your time and energy is spent in doing this for those around you that you love. I commend you on that. The world needs more of what you’re giving. That’s why it’s extremely important to ask yourself, “In what ways am I nurturing MYSELF?” The more that YOU are nurtured, the more nurturing energy you will have to give to others.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Nurture” as: to feed and protect; to support and encourage, as during the period of training and development.

Here are 3 powerful ways to nurture yourself, so that you might become an even stronger nurturer of the ones you love:

  1. Ask for what you want- This could mean tangible items but what I’m really focusing on here is more of what you want within specific situations. For example: If you’re tired of doing too much of something, instead of spending time thinking resentful thoughts about how no one helps you and how you have to do everything yourself…ask for HELP. That is what you want, right? Ask for it.
  2. Give yourself permission- Practice becoming aware of what you need, as you need it. Sometimes you might need to get a project finished and it’s important to power through it because you really need it done. Other times, what you really need is to turn the world “off” and take a nap. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission for what you need. Become aware of your changing needs and give YOURSELF permission to do what you need, as you need it.
  3. Reward yourself- This might include “retail therapy” or it could be something as simple as an hour with a good book without feeling guilty. Are you aware of activities that calm the “inner you?” Do you know which activities make you feel alive? Find them and reward yourself.

While we might not think twice about nurturing others in these ways, it can sometimes be challenging to nurture ourselves. I’m pretty certain that the challenge is worth overcoming because when we are feeling nurtured, it helps us to offer more of that to those that we love.

So, practice asking for what you want, giving yourself permission and rewarding yourself. And just in case you really need it…I GIVE YOU PERMISSION.  😉

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